7 thoughts on “When Three’s Company Even Took Its Gay Panic to the Opening Credits

  1. Such an awful show. I couldn’t stand it new and it has not aged well at all.

  2. the ending was bad.. why couldn’t they all just go there own ways like girls get married so jack move out I hated ending

  3. You do realize that Three’s Company is a comedy, right? Not sure what’s so “bad” about this? Since you don’t actually explain what’s so “bad” one might just assume that you don’t really know. It’s actually a pretty funny scene: Larry seemingly getting into a car with the wrong person in a case of mistaken identity. Again, you do realize it’s a comedy, right? Not only is this brief scene not “bad” it’s actually fairly amusing.

    By the way, how do you know that “Larry was climbing into the bumper car of a woman he doesn’t know”? How do you know that he wasn’t at the amusement park with a dark haired woman in a blue shirt and accidentally got into the wrong bumper car with a man who also happened to be dark haired and wearing a blue shirt?

    Sorry, pretty lousy article that doesn’t really say much.

  4. I was very clear – gay panic jokes are hacky, which is bad for TV comedies. That they are also obviously offensive (which I didn’t think I needed to point out, since it’s plainly obvious) is a terrible combination. Here‘s an interesting article you can read to learn more about how hacky and offensive gay panic jokes are.

  5. For people like you Brian , TV comedies arent funny anymore.

    Three’s Company is timeless, long live to TC

  6. I remember the show fondly from when I was like 6 and a young queer because, as I grew up, I thought any publicity is good publicity; but I haven’t revisited it as an adult because f*ck gay panic and f*ck using gay as the butt of a joke. Doesn’t matter the time period. Bad show. Good article.

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