8 thoughts on “My Kingdom For Ten More Seconds of the Magnum p.i. Theme Song!

  1. Worse was the Ironside revival starring Blair Underwood that didn’t even use Quincy Jones’s theme at all.

  2. Was the actual series 50 theme really that long? I know this one was for the pilot. I thought the series opening was closer to a minute.

  3. I’ve been watching the old Magnum PI lately, and never knew it originally had a different themesong. The “classic” one is just so iconic! And you’re not wrong about the modern show’s being just too truncated. Yowch!

  4. The sitcom BPositive changed its opening credits from Season 1 to Season 2, with the new version a Broadway-style production number showcasing star Annaleigh Ashford. But the past few episodes actually DOUBLED the length of the credit sequence from 21 seconds to 42 seconds, adding some additional scenes and a few verses to the song.

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