5 thoughts on “Name a Child Star Who Would Never Be Cast In Their Role if the Show Started in Season 5

  1. I always got the feeling the people who worked on Little House on the Prairie never knew quite what to with Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush on Little House on the Prairie after a few years. Their delivery worked okay when Carrie was a tot, but as they grew older, not so much.

  2. Kesha Knight-Pulliam on The Cosby Show. Cute kid, but as the show was winding down, at an age where she wasn’t young enough to be a foil (enter Raven Symone) but not old enough for high school drama (enter Erika Alexander). They managed to get some good moments from her, but I don’t think she necessary to the show.

  3. Other than Eve Plumb and Barry Williams, any of the Brady kids, but especially Mike Lookinland (Bobby)

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