2 thoughts on “New York Times Goes ‘Off Book’ Again With the Latest Wordle

  1. As with soo many things I guess the issue is what the purpose of the game is. I don’t know about anyone else, but the idea that there is a list of possible words you could read just seems like cheating to me. I know people like to game games, but to me, that’s what makes games fun is just going in with minimal information and seeing if you can solve the problem in the parameters given.

  2. 3/27: GUANO
    4/9: SNAFU
    6/9: BALSA

    Three times now for using a word NOT on the list of 2305.

    At some point don’t you think they’ll go to putting all the words back in the “hopper” and starting over? But this time replace the word back in the hopper after each daily use. ALSO, keep it random with no daily judgment.

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