5 thoughts on “That Time Paul Gave Kramer From Seinfeld His Apartment on Mad About You

  1. This was because MAY was created in part to be a “running mate” for Seinfeld. This didn’t really work out and MAY was moved to a different night.

  2. While true, it actually moved WITH Seinfeld from Wednesdays to Thursdays later in the year, with Mad About You moving to the 8pm slot and Seinfeld taking the 9:30 slot (and Homicide: Life on the Street taking their original 9-10pm Wednesday time slot).

  3. Man, that Kramer scene goes on about twice as long as it needs to.

    I just realized that Seinfeld later contradicted this scene in another way later on. In the season 9 episode “The Betrayal” (aka the backwards episode), the show ends with a flashback to Jerry’s first meeting with Kramer 11 years before (which since the episode aired in November of 1997, would mean 1986). But they show it as happening when JERRY moves into the building and Kramer is already living across the hall. So unless Kramer moved out and moved back in again, there never would’ve been a time where Paul Buchman was actually neighbors with Jerry Seinfeld. (And if MAY established that Paul & Jamie first moved in together sometime after 1986, that’s ANOTHER contradiction!)

    This has been another episode of “John Finds Continuity Errors in 30 Year Old Sitcoms.” Collect them all! 🙂

  4. Man, that Kramer scene goes on about twice as long as it needs to.

    Holy shit, it’s SO LONG for NO REASON, right? I guess they just figured, “More Kramer equals more better.”

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