6 thoughts on “What Was the Most Well-Constructed TV Farce Episode?

  1. it’s hard to dispute the awesomeness of that Frasier episode, but I’ll put in a word for “An Old-Fashioned Wedding” from Cheers. It’s Woody’s wedding, taking place at the mansion of his future inlaws, and everything goes wrong–Rebecca insults the caterers who walk off the job, the dress gets ripped, Sam flirts with a married woman whose husband comes after him, and, oh, the officiant dies. Of course, the gang pulls together to save the day in hilarious fashion.

    It’s not quite as perfectly crafter as “The Ski Lodge”–but what is? And if that Frasier episode didn’t exist, this one would surely place highly on any top sitcom farce episode list.

  2. I always liked the “chain of favors” episodes of M*A*S*H where one favor would be swapped for another up through the line until one broken link would bring the whole thing down.

  3. I don’t know if this counts, but the episode of NewsRadio where Catherine quits and Jimmy is trying to figure out why by asking everyone else. The farcical portion comes in when Catherine convinces both Joe and Bill to come to her place after she’s left.

  4. Came here to say what Tommy said – Woody’s Wedding was a classic farce, one that I remember thrilling to as a kid.

  5. My vote goes for WKRP’s “A Fish Tale.”

    Showrunner Hugh Wilson wrote it to satisfy the network, who wanted the show to go in a more zany direction. Wilson purposely wrote the show so over the top to thumb his nose at the executives who wanted it. The problem was it was so well done it it is probably the second-best known episode of the show, just behind the Thanksgiving Classic “Turkey’s Away.”

  6. This was a great choice! I need to rewatch this episode. Frasier was generally wonderful with farces. Another great Frasier farce was season 5’s “Room Service,” where Niles sleeps with Lilith.

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