2 thoughts on “The Chorus of Ben Folds Five’s ‘Brick’ Is Just Absurd

  1. Just saw Ben perform the other night, and my wife was looking up details about him and saw he has been married five times. We listened to his new songs and realized how many of his songs have a deeply flawed narrator, as talented and powerful as they are. He talked a lot about his breakups at the show, and the truth is that he may be immensely talented as a songwriter and pianist, but he’s still dealing with some pretty toxic habits.

    I used to use “Brick” when I was having my students analyze song lyrics to model poetry analysis. It was easy enough for them to get the messages, but talking about how he was selfish in all this was always part of it and seemed to make it way more real and relatable for the students because they had also made selfish decisions (being teenagers). I told Ben once that he had helped me get them into poetry with that song, but he didn’t say any of the details about grabbing the lyrics from someone else.

    Oh well. “Landed” is also a beautiful, powerful song with a flawed narrator.

  2. THANK you! I have always found this chorus offensive. I was just searching the internet to see if anyone else felt this way and this is the only instance I could find.

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