3 thoughts on “What Do You Think Was the Best TV Romance Endgame Pivot?

  1. See for me, Buffy/Spike and Veronica/Logan are two examples of where this didn’t work at all. Both were pretty crappy dudes who went through redemption arcs that only worked to a degree (Logan’s was especially bad. We first meet him when he takes a tire iron to her car and he spends most of season 1 tormenting her. Spike was evil and straight up tried to sexually assault Buffy, he was just a charming character most of the time so a lot of viewers were easily forgiving).

  2. I’m going to go with Sesame Street’s pivot from Maria & David to Maria & Luis. When I was a kid watching Sesame Street, David & Maria were clearly a thing. Then, while I was in high school, national news media picked up on Sesame Street’s big wedding of Luis & Maria, and I was like “What the- -?! What about David?” It wasn’t until many years later, with the advent of Google and Wikipedia and such, that I learned that Northern Calloway, who played David, had suffered from serious mental illness, and in the mid-’80s, his increasing symptoms were causing increasingly erratic behavior, leading the show to drop the David/Maria romance. Before long, Calloway was fired from the show, and sadly died not long after (the character of David was sent to literally sent to live on a farm in the country, where he could run and play and be happy.) The show then paired Maria and Luis, who quickly got married and had a child, who remained part of the show for decades. (It was a little weird seeing 3-1/2 year old Elmo doing scenes with adult Gabby, when 3-1/2 year old Elmo had been the ring bearer at her parents’ wedding.) I don’t know whether Maria and David ever actually broke up on screen, or if they just stopped appearing together as a couple and no one was supposed to notice, but the Luis/Maria marriage endured for the characters’ remaining decades on the show.

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