3 thoughts on “What, Exactly, Was TV Land’s ‘VertiVision’?

  1. I miss the Sci-Fi Channel’s “S.C.I.F.I. World,” with Superhero Land, Creature Land, Intergalactic Land, Fantasy Land and Inhuman Land. I liked the daily themed marathons, and the “Pop-Up Video” style blurbs. (Mostly, I just liked it when the marathon of “Otherworld” got to the episode where the 1980s teenagers introduce rock ‘n’ roll to the other world, and the pop-up text for one of their massively successful concerts read, “Start suspending your disbelief now.”)

  2. I remember as part of the show’s anniversary, they did a “Pop-Up” episode of NewsRadio for the episode where Bill ended up in an asylum. On the commentary they mention that the pop-up portion would be part of the special features on a later season’s bonus features. It never showed up on any of the later DVD box sets, so I’m curious as to why the plan changed.

    On topic, I miss the early days of Nick-at-Nite and TV Land where they were still figuring out their format but throwing every black-and-white show they could get the rights to onto the air.

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