2 thoughts on “What is the ‘Quantum Bubble’ on Quantum Leap?

  1. Actually, quantum bubble or time bubble is not new. I, myself, independently came up with it in the mid-90s during one of my world building sessions. (I didn’t even know quantum physics yet, I just called it time bubble.) But, there are others who also came up with it independently, yet our explanations are similar, actually almost identical.

    The quantum/time bubble theory has been around earlier than the mid-90s. It is actually one of the easiest explanation to avoid a grandfather paradox. Many scifi authors used it but did not use the word “bubble” in their works, so it seems rare, but it’s not.

    There are a lot of ways to explain it, and Quantum Leap gave the simplest and shortest explanation I’ve ever seen.

    I was actually very surprised QL used the word “bubble”, and they have the same idea how it works. Writers should use the word more frequently because it helps the audience not familiar with it to easily grasp the concept.

    For example, in the Korean drama, “Sisyphus: The Myth”, the writer did not use that word/phrase, so most of the audience were confused. I’ve even seen a lot of time travel fans calling the writer as a ‘failure’ or ‘have no experience in time travel fiction’ and this and that.

    I explained what a quantum/time bubble is (and others who had a similar understanding), and more people appreciated the show, because it now makes sense. (My blog post about it is here: https://im.youronly.one/snoworld/%EC%8B%9C%EC%A7%80%ED%94%84%EC%8A%A4-sisyphus-the-myth-2021-explained-logically-2021100/ )

    Imagine if QL did not use “quantum bubble” and did not explain it in a simple way the way they did. We will more likely see a lot of reactions on how the episode can not work because grandfather paradox, or “time travel doesn’t work that way” (the usual reaction I see).

    Kudos to them. Now, the quantum/time bubble ‘theory’ will gain more attention, and hopefully, more people (especially fans of time travel) will recognise it easily even if the same phrase/words are not used.

    There are just different ways of explaining it, and it’s rare to see the word “bubble” used.


  2. It sounds like they’re leaning into Tennant’s Doctor Who’s “timey wimey ball” theory of time travel. 😀

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