8 thoughts on “What Is Your Favorite Sitcom That Was Canceled After Just One Season?

  1. One of my favorite shows of all time was the short lived “The Second Half” with John Mendoza as a sports writer starting his life over after his divorce, playing it perfectly somewhere between Oscar Madison and Rodney Dangerfield. Co-starring Wayne Knight. Underrated and sadly long forgotten:


    And, no doubt, Paul Lynde’s sitcom will be on many peoples list:


    My list for when you inevitably ask “What Is Your Favorite Drama That Was Canceled After Just One Season?” will be much longer! 😉

  2. “Frank’s Place” is a great choice — the gag in the pilot episode where Hanna the mortician (Daphne Maxwell Reid) knows she’s meeting Frank, and knows he’s uneasy about morticians, so she dunks her hand in ice before that first handshake? One of my favorite sitcom gags ever.

    I actually can’t pick a single favorite one-and-done sitcom:
    Disqualified if you count the movies: “Police Squad!”
    Animated: “The Oblongs”
    Guilty pleasure: “Hot Properties,” an ABC hybrid of “Designing Women” and “The Bob Newhart Show,” with Gail O’Grady, Sofia Vergara, Nicole Sullivan and Christina Moore as the four real-estate women, and Evan Handler as the dentist who’s also on their floor in the urban high-rise. It was much worse than I’m making it sound!
    Honorable mention: “The Robert Guillaume Show,” which I use to remind myself that “show with a black man dating a white woman” was too much for a lot of people even in the 1980s.

    That last show ALSO has one of my favorite sitcom gags ever: The pilot has Guillaume’s Edward searching for a secretary, and the montage of applicants includes a disheveled man who’s typing at the typewriter at absolute lightning speed. Edward, impressed: “You know what? When you first came in here, I was judging you by your appearance, but now I see what you can do, and I feel like” (finally sees the paper from the typewriter) “THIS IS GIBBERISH”

  3. It’s straining the definition of sitcom but “Tenspeed and Brownshoe,” a humorous detective series with Jeff Goldblum and Ben Vereen as the PIs. A great show but it was up against some prime time soap named Dallas …

  4. I loved “The Grifter”

    I thought it had lots of laugh out loud funny moments every week.

    Rob Lowe, was the lead. His part was as a pompous actor, that had played a lawyer on TV, but decided to start going to actual court to litigate cases.

    The bit was that judges were so happy to have a famous actor in their court that they would wave the fact that he hadn’t passed the state bar exam or understood the legal system.

  5. of American sitcoms I would have to pick Police Squad

    UK sitcoms – many great sitcoms lasted exactly 2 seasons
    of the shows lasting just one season, my favourite was “If you see God, Tell him” a black comedy about a man (played by Richard Briers) who after a head injury has a very short span of attention and becomes obsessed with adverts – believing them, imitating them.
    However, I have doubts if it was actually cancelled and believe it was always intended to end after 4 episodes.
    Similarly I can’t imagine “Whoops, Apocalypse” ever being considered for a second season after the finality of the last episode.

    Then there is “tlc” a hospital sitcom (more black comedy…) – the highlight of which was, in my opinion, Tim Brooke-Taylor as the hospital chaplain – a former surgeon who after a nervous breakdown still tries to work in the hospital anyway he can (despite his lack of interest in religion)

    runners-up – “KInvig” – about an electrical repair man who fantasizes that a new customer is from another planet and in love with him (and only pretends to hate him) – the series was written by Nigel Kneale – better known for serious science fiction/horror series.
    “I, Lovett” about an eccentric inventor who talks to his dog, etc
    “Dead Earnest” about a man erroneously sent to Heaven trying to cope with life there or finding a way back to mortality.

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