9 thoughts on “What Was the Best Introduction Scene for a New Character on a TV Series?

  1. If recurring characters count, I’m going with Henry Jefferson, pretending to be his brother George, on All in the Family. Archie’s opening the door to see his new neighbor is a classic moment.
    If premier episodes count, I enjoyed President Bartlet’s entrance in the climactic scene of the first episode of The West Wing. He quotes the First Commandment and acts as a Deus ex machina. It’s also a fun bit of characterization.

  2. George’s first appearance on All in the Family was also really well done!

    And yeah, just characters added to shows. I’ll do the other way for a Pop Culture Theme Time in the future.

  3. no contest “I’m Larry, this my brother Darryl, and this my other brother Darryl.”

    Second choice MASH, Radar telling Col Potter to “Stick that horn in your ear”, not knowing it was his new commanding officier.

  4. Two shows jump immediately to my mind.

    1. M*A*S*H the hour long S4 premier that introduced BJ Hunnicutt and Col. Potter


    2. Cheers. S3 episode 1 that introduces Fraser. The clip on Youtube does not do it justice.

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