2 thoughts on “What Was the First Feature-Length Motion Picture?

  1. “Kelly died in a shootout with the cops while he was trying to protect himself by wearing a suit of armor, so that’s why the header is such an unusual image.”

    In reality, Kelly survived the shooting and was later put on trial and hanged (about 25 years before the film was made).

    According to the synopsis of the film given out at cinemas:

    Scene 6: The closing scenes. Ned Kelly fights hard but is shot in the legs. “He begs the Troopers to spare his life, thus falls the last of the Kelly Gang…”

    So, it seems like the film, too had him survive and surrender.

    A weird piece of trivia is when they made another film about the Kelly Gang in 1970 they, of course, cast everyone’s favourite actor as Ned Kelly: Mick Jagger.

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