1 thought on “When Was Scooby Doo and the Gang First Referred to as ‘Mystery Incorporated’?

  1. 1998’s “SCOOBY DOO ON ZOMBIE ISLAND” was absolutely released on VHS and was the first in WB’s long line of direct-to-video Scooby Doo films which they have released once or twice a year as of 2022. That is a staggering 37 films (and it would have been more had WB’s borderline fraud attempt to cash in on a tax loophole caused them to cancel a slew of projects which had been fully produced, which included a few Scooby projects).

    In fact, as a bit of useless trivia, the last of the direct-to-video Scooby Doo animated films to have a VHS release was 2005’s “SCOOBY DOO IN: WHERE’S MY MUMMY?”. It was the 9th in the series.

    And in 2019, WB released a direct sequel, “SCOOBY DOO! RETURN TO ZOMBIE ISLAND,” which was produced 20 years after the original (and released on the 21st anniversary).

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