5 thoughts on “When Did Castle Jump the Shark?

  1. Definitely Jumped The Shark with Castle being kidnapped en-route to his wedding. There was no clear resolution of that storyline, but was a drawn out affair…and, oh yeah, Castle and Beckett got married somewhere in there.
    But if it went another season…imagine with Stana Katic being written out of the show…Kate is killed off. That season takes a cue from Britain’s crime drama “Police Surgeon”, where the titular character’s wife is killed off, and he teams up to avenge his wife’s death with agent John Steed.
    Tune in next time, when I read my latest Ryan/Esposito fan fiction story entitled “Respisito, You’ve Got To Come To Your Senses”.

  2. Correction to the statement on Police Surgeon/The Avengers
    Ian Hendry starred as police surgeon Dr Geoffrey Brent in Police Surgeon.
    This was cancelled after one season.
    Immediately afterwards Ian Hendry was cast in replacement series the Avengers as General Practitioner Dr David Keel (who had no connection to the police).
    His secretary/fiancée was murdered by drug dealers as she had seen and could identify one member of the gang. His quest for revenge is assisted by a mysterious undercover operative known only as “Steed” who , afterwards, suggests they could help each other out from time to time.

    On Castle, my understanding is that the suggestion to write out Beckett had not been planned but was introduced in an attempt to save the series from cancellation. So, if we consider what would have happened if it had been renewed then maybe we can include a possibility if she had still been in it.
    Overall, I’d say it ddn’t jump the shark

  3. I think Castle jumped the shark in season 6 episode 20 “That 70’s Show”. I could have walked away from the show during that episode (and probably should have) since it gets even more ridiculous going forward. Since I’m bingeing it right now, give me strength!

  4. Two come to mind:
    1) when Becket had to stop wearing normal work clothes and be hotter with 2010 makeup, longer hair, tight jeans, and impractical shoes
    2) The bomb episode. Castle diffuses a bomb!!!

    That’s when I knew that the showrunners were no longer making fun of cop drama murder mystery shows and were taking themselves too seriously.

  5. I agree with the previous commenter that castle jumped the shark with the kidnapping at the wedding and all the subsequent storylines from that. it only got worse when Kate moved out to continue her obsessive search. also when professional Killers get everybody except Kate it begins to stretch believability

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