6 thoughts on “When Did Simon & Simon Jump the Shark?

  1. I seem to remember, there was a writers strike during the season, and it was essentially unused(rejected) scripts from prior seasons. in any event it was pretty bad.

    that was same season ABC was going to make versions of Mission Impossible and The Hardy Boys from old scripts. mission impossible happened I think in the end with new scripts as the strike ended.

  2. Day One. The show was forgettable dreck that only survived because it was on opposite NBC’s powerhouse Thursday night lineup. I would not remember the show at all if my brother hadn’t thought that Gerald McRaney was someone worth watching but but sadly emulating.

  3. BTW the way Tim you got that backwards. NBC powerhouse lineup was a few years away. CBS had the powerhouse lineup of Magnum p.i., Simon, and Knots Landing, all in the top 10. opposite Simon, Cheers in its first season ranked 74 out of 77 show and was nearly canceled. became a moderate hit in its second season but still far behind Simon. For those first two seasons nearly every show Nbc had on Thursady except Cheers and Hill Street was quickly canceled.

  4. I don’t think it ever did. That said, I really don’t think Downtown Jones or Abby added much to the show, because for me it was always about AJ and Rick. I really should check it out and see how well it’s aged.

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