5 thoughts on “When Did Mork and Mindy Jump the Shark?

  1. I think season 4 is bad, but it jumped the shark far earlier than that. Season 2 in my view, is where it jumped the shark: when they jettisoned the music store, dumped Conrad Janis and Deborah Kerr and basically stopped letting Robin Williams riff nearly as freely as he had been. On top of it ABC decided that the show should be a family TV tentpole on Sunday nights as opposed to the slightly more urbane Thursday night show it was the first season.

    Also, I think it was as good as people remember it in season 1. I watched some episodes after Robin Williams died and it still holds up, particularly initially because they let Williams dominate to an extent that was pulled back.

  2. I recall watching and laughing at the show as a little kid.

    But when was brought in as their child, Mearth, even my eight year old self knew the show was over.

  3. Season 2 premiere is as good a point as any. Although, I wouldn’t have missed Season 4 for anything.

  4. I love Johnathan Winters, but he was somewhat wasted on the show. I’d have to say the jumping moment, though, was when Mork produced the giant egg in the living room.

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