4 thoughts on “When Did Taxi Jump the Shark?

  1. Yeah, one of the great comedy series of all time. It had its ups and downs, but it was genius from beginning to end. I miss how it brilliantly mixed laughs with genuine sadness and introspection. Just so damn good.

  2. The only character who actually moved on into the next phase of his life was Bobby (Jeff Conaway).

    Even switching stations–which can lead to a drop in quality–didn’t hurt this show. Put me firmly in the “didn’t jump” category.

  3. I agree that TAXI didn’t jump. Then again, it also is one of few classic sitcoms that called it quits by season 5, even though I am sure the ratings were good enough that it could have lingered if “CHEERS” wasn’t coming along.
    As I have said before, very, very few sitcoms, even good ones, can maintain their peak beyond 5 seasons. Some don’t even stay good that long. But once season six enters, few shows are still in their primes. The fact that “THE SIMPSONS” was still at or near prime by season 10 has earned it at least twenty years of goodwill (to a fault).
    “SEINFELD” was similar; rather than linger until the ratings dwindled to infomercial levels, it ended in its prime with the audience still wanting more. That is ideally when any performer should exit the stage. But it’s tough, especially for supporting actors and the crew who don’t always work steady.

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