2 thoughts on “When Did That ’70s Show Jump the Shark?

  1. Yeah, I agree 100%. Considering it was tracking the gang through high school, at best it could only have five good seasons, then would have to reinvent itself as they got married and went off to college or something. The recent sequel series has done a good job of getting things back on track I think.

  2. “THAT 70’S SHOW” is one of my textbook examples of a modern sitcom that lasted at least a season too long. The 7th season definitely did “coast” and the 8th was really unnecessary, beyond ensuring the rest of the cast beyond Grace and Kutcher got paid for another season.

    It still didn’t end up as bad as “ROSEANNE,” at least.

    It is very difficult finding any sitcom which is still “in its prime” after 5-6 seasons.

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