4 thoughts on “Who is the Most Shocking Actor Who’s Never Won an Emmy?

  1. My pick is easy: Bill Bixby. One of the most talented leading men on TV during the 60’s into the 80’s and he never won an Emmy (despite being nominated 4 times). Heck, Mariette Hartley guest starred on the second season premiere of “THE INCREDIBLE HULK” and SHE won an Emmy. But nothing for “Bix,” as many peers called him. There was talk of giving him a star on the Hollywood walk of fame in 2011 (which was 18 years after he’d died of cancer), but it went nowhere.

  2. Steve Carell. The man currently has eleven nominations between the comedy and drama categories and no wins. I was really surprised to learn that he never won an Emmy for Michael Scott despite being nominated six times.

  3. Hugh Laurie, the English actor, was amazing playing the role of the American doctor Gregory House.

    Not only doing a great accent but great at the role.

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