2 thoughts on “What Was the Silliest Career Switch for a TV Character?

  1. Maybe it is isn’t “silly,” but I always found it weird that Archie Bunker went from doing some very low paying blue collar jobs (janitor and cabbie) to owning a bar. The point of things was showing the devastation of America “getting out” of manufacturing by having Archie go from being a foreman at a loading dock (a good job) to lower paying stuff as the 70’s wore on to the 80’s. Making him a business owner took away from some of that. But what do I know? Between the end of “ALL IN THE FAMILY” and four seasons of “ARCHIE BUNKER’S PLACE,” audiences seemed fine with it at the time.

    Making Michael Kelso a security guard for the Playboy mansion in the last season of “THAT 70’S SHOW” always felt more like wish fulfillment and was the symptom of a show that is past its prime and getting desperate in the final season. Having him become a police officer worked in the sense that a moron like him could thrive as a cop in a small town in middle America. I know this was done to write Ashton Kutcher out, but it still seemed cartoony.

    And I don’t know if going from “blue collar working mother” to “newly wealthy lottery winner who pokes fun at elitists and action films” technically counts as a “silly career change,” but man, that 9th season shift for “ROSEANNE” made a show which was already diving into absurd, surrealist comedy (while still insisting on occasional drama, like Dan Conner having a heart attack or Darlene’s baby being nearly stillborn) into a flat out cartoon. And of course, they retconned it. Then retconned it again.

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