4 thoughts on “Who’s a TV Character That You Love That Everyone Else Seems to Hate?

  1. I liked Skye/Daisy/Quake in Agents of Shield. But people often complained about the character. Kinda liked that her boyfriend turned out to be an evil terrorist, but she was fooled.

  2. I’ve known quite a few “Married…With Children” fans who never accepted Ted McGinley’s Jefferson D’Aracy officially replacing David Garrison’s Steve Rhodes in Season 5 and consider that moment when the show “Jumped the Shark” (especially due to McGinley’s history with “Happy Days”). I’ve always disagreed and while I do feel the show lasted a few seasons longer than it should have, it still had some prime material left with Jefferson and McGinley did add something unique to the comedy. I still never liked Shane Sweet’s Seven (from Season 7), though.

  3. Alex, I’ll second you here. I never really took to Steve Rhodes and actually preferred Jefferson.

  4. I loved Ellen Foley as Billy in the second season of Night Court. Marky Post’s Christine could be too much of a fluffy bunny for tastes.

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