4 thoughts on “What Was the Best Late Season TV Callback to an Early Episode?

  1. The same guy who delivered Martin’s chair to Frasier’s apartment in the Frasier pilot comes to pick it up in the finale.

  2. In the 2020 season of Doctor Who the big Twist was that there were Doctors before William Hartnell, as she realised this they showed a clip of 6 previous Doctors from the episode Brain Of Morbius from 1976, possibly the longest Direct Call back in TV History

  3. I don’t know if this qualifies as a callback, but I’ve always liked the Cheers finale when Sam adjusts the picture of Geronimo — it was a picture that the actor who played Coach had kept in his dressing room and was added to the set after his death.

    Also, wasn’t there a nod to Henry Blake in the M*A*S*H finale or am I making that up?

  4. I think the final season of Angel–when they realized they weren’t being renewed–did a lot of good callbacks to previous seasons, but my favorite was when Cordelia returned and found the recording of Doyle and his “our rats are low” commercial. Given that the actor had passed away by that time, it was a nice way of fitting him into the final season without getting too cringe-worthy.

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