8 thoughts on “What Sitcom Are You the Most Shocked Lasted At Least Eight Seasons?

  1. I want to say all of FOX’s animated shows…but that is more a function of age…I just never got them. My official nomination is Roseanne. It was pretty entertaining those first years, but man, those last 4 or 5 years SUCKED. Writing wanted to SHOCK instead of tickle the ol’ funnybone.

  2. I know it is it’s own thing, but the downfall Roseanne lives on as The Conners gets worse.

  3. The Drew Carey show. I know the network had buyers’ remorse after they extended the show, but the last two years were horrible. The cast deserved better writing.

  4. I always am surprised that COACH lasted 9 seasons. And while I know the ratings rocked, the fact that TWO & A HALF MEN made it 12 seasons, including 4 (as in a third of the show’s run) without co-star Charlie Sheen is pretty amazing.

  5. I agree with Kevin & Bryan H about ROSEANNE. When it started out it had its charms, but things really started going off the rails around season 6. Seasons 7-8 are when it started doing more absurd fantasy and season 9 was downright bonkers (although I am glad that Jim Varney got a few episodes of non-Ernest work to showcase his skills before he died). Cronin’s “syndication bounce” likely explained how it got renewed over a decade later for a 10th season, and of course Barr’s big mouth got her fired.

    I still am amazed that “LAST MAN STANDING” not only ran 9 seasons, but survived the network-swapping gambit better than most shows (which usually last only one more season after switching networks). I know the ratings were good for both networks (especially Fox, which has a lower threshold), but aside for the conservative rallying regarding its original cancellation, or Tim Allen’s political beliefs, I never heard anything about the show beyond it being generic sitcom schmaltz.

  6. My first thought was The Simpsons. Every time I hear that it’s being renewed for another handful of seasons I always wonder why.

    I was also surprised to find both Family Guy and American Dad both continuing seeing as Family Guy was canceled once and I didn’t think anyone watched American Dad to begin with.

  7. The last two seasons of Roseanne were terrible but it had 6 great seasons plus the reboot(pre Connors version) was a great season as well.

  8. How the heck did Full House make it past Season 1, yet alone eight full seasons plus a reunion/continuation series?

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