3 thoughts on “‘WIPER’ Cannot Be a Wordle Answer, And Yet Somehow ‘RIPER’ Was?

  1. In the effort to remove Solutions ending in -d or -ED, they accidentally kept NAKED out of the Solution Bank too.
    So the suoer common and unoffensive word NAKED isn’t a Solution, but RIPER is??
    Also missing, SQUID and PAGER.
    These words are so commonplace that my phone even presents the following emojis when I type SQUID 🐙 🦑 and PAGER 📟

  2. With 2 guesses left, I felt pretty confident there was literally just 3 possible words in the entirety of the English language (WIPER PIPER RIPER) . I played them in the order of how common the words were,
    Line 5 WIPER
    Line 6 PIPER
    Line 7 RIPER
    Unfortunately we don’t get 7 guesses in Wordle, we only get 7.

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