1 thought on “Roseanne’s Death on the Conners Was Both Logical and Respectful

  1. This is a good and recent example of how, as journalist/commentator/podcaster Michael Hobbes has written about in detail, about how “cancel culture” is a canard and something “certain media” exaggerates. The bottom line is that for most famous and/or wealthy people who suffered some kind of indignity or reaction to their own actions or comments by others, they were not “vanished,” ruined, or destroyed. They just suffered the inconvenience of getting richer a little slower and having to be less public for a while.

    Roseanne Barr was a wealthy and successful comedian/actress when she was fired from ROSEANNE after season 10. Unless there was a specific clause in her contract which allowed the network to fire her for her comments immediately (i.e. a “moral clause” which usually only religious institutions use), Barr had to be paid or compensated for the network terminating her contract (something the network would have been willing to do in order to fire her and move the show on without her; which paid off since THE CONNERS is still thriving). Even afterward, as the star/co-producer of the show, Barr continued to profit from residuals (including of the 10th season, which is included in syndication packages with channels such as COZI, a non-cable digital station which has rerun ROSEANNE for about a decade). If anything, adding an extra season would have made those residuals better.

    And now, naturally, Barr has chosen the audience willing to pay her seven figures (perhaps eight) or more to do a new “comedy” special. Wow, so she had to wait a few extra years to earn more millions. What a tragedy! If she burns through her salaries after decades of acting, comedy, etc. so fast that she was really hard up financially after being fired, which I doubt, that was her own fault, not “cancel culture.”

    Incidentally, she still has some pals in Hollywood. Bill Maher, at least, went on record in one episode of REAL TIME as still being her friend. Of course, he’s the face of “Conserva-Dems” who sporadically issues a borderline racist or “unenlightened” comment on air himself.

    I agree with the subject of the article, but wanted to reply that it is only yet another example of “cancel culture” being a fake scandal that is being used as a distraction for things that actually are happening.

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