7 thoughts on “CBS’ New True Lies Series Had a Shockingly Bad Pilot

  1. The premise of True Lies isn’t one that adapts well to an ongoing series. But I don’t think the movie holds up. I rewatched it a few years ago and despite the spectacular stunts it doesn’t hold me as well as Terminator or Die Hard. On top of which the treatment of Curtis doesn’t rewatch well.
    And even on first viewing “the nuclear bomb only went off on an uninhabited island in the Florida keys so it’s no problem” was ridiculous.

  2. The hotel scene with Curtis is one that I’ve always fast-forwarded after the first viewing. It’s so uncomfortable watching her dance knowing that it’s against her will. I don’t care that it’s her husband.

    Never mind the things going on behind the scenes with the stunt coordinator being a creep.

  3. I think this show is a major misfire. The wife character emotes “Housewives of Who Cares”… too superficial. And the outed husband spy is just too sappy. Not sure if its the writing, the casting or the acting… all the above??

    Really wanted to like this new show, but the True Lies series is a definite “swing-and-a-miss” in my view.

    Disappointed 😞

  4. This series may not last a year. The poor casting, lame plots, and robotic acting makes you wonder if the producers saw the original movie. I eagerly awaited this series and felt betrayed after the pilot and 5 minutes of the second episode. The faster it is flushed the better.

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