4 thoughts on “Classic 1960s Christmas #7 – The Avengers “Too Many Christmas Trees”

  1. My favourite part of this episode is the scene in which Mrs. Peel is visiting Steed in his flat, leading to both a rare continuity reference and an in-joke.

    Steed is decorating his tree while Mrs. Peel reads the Christmas cards he’s received. She reads one aloud:

    “Best wishes for the future—Cathy.”

    Steed glances at the card and responds, “Mrs. Gale! And how nice of her to remember me. What [i]can[/i] she be doing in Fort Knox?”

    The in-joke, of course, relates to Honor Blackman’s rôle in [i]Goldfinger[/i].

  2. Yeah, that was a really great joke. I actually planned on doing that as a Meta-Message in the future, that’s the only reason I didn’t spotlight it in this write-up.

  3. Aye, I should’ve figured that.

    I found this site right after you initiated it, but this is my first visit back, and I’m playing a lot of catch-up. Still, knowing you, I should’ve known you were saving that Mrs. Gale reference for another entry.

    (I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I preferred Mrs. Gale to Mrs. Peel.)

    I’m having a good time here, sir. If there’s anything I know better than 1950’s and ’60’s comics, it’s 1950’s and ’60’s television. I’m grateful that you haven’t given that era the short shrift. And not that I’m looking for, or expecting any mistakes, but all your info has been spot-on.

    I’m looking forward to your discussion of some of the real eye-openers of the day, like THE JOHN FORSYTHE SHOW. When I tell folks who weren’t there at the time about its mid-season format change, they have a hard time swallowing it.

    Thanks for all the fine work you put into this site, Mr. Cronin.

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