2 thoughts on “Continuing Roseanne as The Conners Was an Obvious Choice

  1. Rosanne Barr is an ignorant, hateful witch. I worked with her years ago on a set, and I (and many other people present) vowed never to work with her again. She’s just awful: loud, rude, racist, entitled, bossy, selfish, condescending, mean-spirited, and just plain ignorant. Also, she’s a surprisingly non-funny person to be around, considering she used to be a comedian. (I say “used to be” because she hasn’t been funny onscreen since the early 1990s.)

  2. Wow, I hadn’t realized The Conners kept going.
    Disappointing to read Doris’ comments because I loved the original Roseanne show a lot. But Barr would hardly be the first star to be far more repellent off-screen than on.

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