6 thoughts on “Five Actors Who Did Two TV Pilots at the Same Time

  1. Jane Lynch must’ve left Party Down pretty abruptly, as the last two episodes of season 1 feature Jennifer Coolidge as Bobbie St. Brown, the roommate for Lynch’s character Constance, subbing for her at the catering company, in scripts that were pretty obviously written for Lynch’s character.

    Oddly enough, Jennifer Aniston was in second position to another sitcom the year Friends debuted. If the other show had been picked up, she would’ve had to drop out of Friends. Similarly, Matthew Perry couldn’t audition for Friends initially as he was committed to LAX 2194, a show about baggage handlers in the year 2194. Thankfully, it was quickly cancelled so he could finally audition for the part of Chandler.

  2. Thanks, John. I figured out what happened now, Party Down was done much earlier than the other shows, but it wasn’t PICKED UP until she had already committed to Glee, hence not even finishing Season One. I’ve edited it accordingly!

  3. And yeah, boy, would I have loved for Aniston’s show to have been from the same pilot season as Friends! That’s a classic one that would have been amazing to feature.

  4. You’re right, Brian. Your comment jogged my memory of what they said in the special features on the S1 DVD of Party Down – They knew from the beginning that they only had Jane Lynch for a limited time, so they just decided to shoot as many episodes as they could with her before she had to move on to Glee. I suppose they didn’t definitively write her off permanently so that she could return to Party Down just in case Glee didn’t go.

    Thinking about this topic more, I remember DeForest Kelley saying in Allan Asherman’s The Star Trek Interview book that he did Gene Roddenberry’s pilot Police Story around the same time he was brought into Star Trek, and if it had sold he would’ve been the first person to be a regular on two series at the same time. But researching it, it looks like the Police Story pilot (which also featured Grace Lee Whitney) was shot in 1965, and while Star Trek’s second pilot “Where No Man Has Gone Before” was also shot in 1965, it didn’t feature Kelley as the ship’s doctor. So I suppose Kelley was misremembering slightly.

    More info here:


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