10 thoughts on “Five TV Characters Who Went From Being Reasonable People to Complete Morons

  1. Kevin might be the worst example, but pretty much every character on The Office was a moronic parody of themselves by season 6/7 or so. A character like Jim, who used to be charming and quick-witted, reacted to every situation by giving the camera a “deer in the headlights” stare.

  2. I thought of a few:
    Samuel “Screech” Powers – Saved by the Bell
    Kimmy Gibler – Full House
    Vera Louise Gorman – Alice (again never the brightest bulb, but toward the end it seemed liked she was suffering from brain damage.)

  3. What about the opposite direction? I feel like Casey in Chuck and Woody on Cheers started very stupid and were more nuanced in their stupidity later.

  4. Captain Roger Healey, for the first dozen or so episodes of I Dream of Jeannie, was the reasonable-minded one confounded by the oddness surrounding fellow astronaut Captain Nelson. When Doctor Bellows grew into the same rôle, the show didn’t need two authority figures questioning what was going on with Nelson, so Healey was shifted to the part of Nelson’s more bumbling confederate—a place secured when Healey became aware of Jeannie’s existence in the seventeenth episode.

  5. I think everyone on Lost appeared stupider as the show went on. The weirder things got without them trying to piece things together, they more idiotic they looked.

  6. Oh my gosh . . . Yes! Yes! And Yes! In my book Potsie and Chrissy are the two worst offenders (but Buddy is pretty high up there). For Potsie, he wasn’t just dumbed down, he became totally pointless. By the last couple of seasons he was working with Mr. Cunningham in his hardware store and hardly had any lines or even appearances. It’s like Anson Williams was just riding out a contract or something. And Chrissy Snow was a much better character when she was a ditzy blonde instead of a drooling idiot.

  7. One of favorite shows was the Drew Carey Show until both Lewis and Oswald were turned into complete morons. Adding Mr. Wick just sunk the whole series after that,

  8. Kelly Bundy also counts. In the first season of “MARRIED…WITH CHILDREN,” she was defined more on being more of a promiscuous “biker chick” more than being stupid. Near the end of the second season was when her lack of intelligence started being highlighted and from season 3 onwards she devolved into Looney Tunes level moron stuff.

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