1 thought on “How The Knicks Became the First NBA Team to Force a Game 7 Down 3-0

  1. Fascinating look at Game 7 Finals history in general.

    I also loved that you had to reach into the black-and-white era to find a historic highlight about the Knicks. They’ve been an underachieving-or-garbage team for virtually my entire lifetime, and I turned 41 this year. Patrick Ewing led the team to the playoffs and even the finals many times, but he/they could never get past Michael Jordan. And after Ewing retired, James Dolan, eccentric billionaire behind MSG (who headlines a lame midlife crisis rock band on the side), became the sole owner of the team and in the 23-plus years since, the Knicks have only gone to the playoffs a handful of times, and only won a playoff series twice (including this year). A fan would have to be pushing thirty to even recall an era where the Knicks getting deep into the playoffs wasn’t science fiction.

    For the record, despite all of his achievements with the Knicks, they wouldn’t even let Ewing interview for a coaching job. Instead he’s in the college system.

    As a reader can tell, I live in NY. The only saving graces to basketball in this state are the facts that the Nets, arguably more underachieving, will still be seen as “the team that fled Jersey” for another generation, and the NY Liberty usually do well (although that is women’s basketball which gets only a fraction of the fans). Sports wise, the NY Jets usually are more dysfunctional and cursed as a team in comparison. I mean, at least the Knicks made it to the finals when Clinton was president. When was the last time the Jets even reached the Superbowl? And before anyone mentions the Mets, they at least made it to the World Series twice within the last 23 years (2000 and 2015), and even avoided being swept in each loss (albeit barely). NY is still a Yankees and Giants state, although the Buffalo Bills are reaching.

    NY is so starved for quality basketball that any season where the Knicks reach the playoffs, even if they get swept in the first round, the press and most fans treat it with the same passion as the St. Crispin’s Day speech, and ignore all other problems within the team. This year they, gasp, won a playoff series, (and didn’t even get swept in the playoff series they lost) so most fans are in a good mood. My average life expectancy is another 30-38 years so I imagine in that time, if I am very lucky, I might see the Knicks reach the conference finals once. But only once. They’ll probably get swept.

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