1 thought on “What Were the Only Six Times That the NBA Upheld a Protest?

  1. Clearly, the Hawks (whether with Atlanta or Milwaukee) must have something special going on, since the NBA has only upheld 6 protests and half involved the Hawks.
    Thanks for the info. It is fascinating to learn that in the entire history of the NBA (at least going back to the 50s), only one upheld protest changed the outcome of the game. It seems most times it’s just for bravado, like in baseball when a coach will yell at the umpire to “show fire” even though he’ll be ejected and literally nothing will change.
    It stinks to lose because of a bad call, but clearly referees who are visually impaired, ignorant, on the take, or just incorrect in one instance are a universal part of sports. I’m sure in the first Olympics, some moderator missed what was clearly a pole vault or something and the trainer, Yellicus Maximus threw a fit. It’d be best if the Knicks just moved on from this one. And, you know, actually get to the Finals for the first time in 25 years.

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