3 thoughts on “How Three’s Company Was Like a Silver Age Comic Book

  1. “Ok you are not my brother nor kryptonian, fine, but WHY, WHY you hit on my girl whom I totally don’t care about, i keep on rejecting and I don’t even trust with my secret?? You fiend!”

  2. Three’s Company was a remarkably awful show. Everyone always reacted in the stupidest way possible to any and all situations. Unwatchable then, unbearable now.

  3. Three’s Company was wonderful in so many way. It had heart. Genuine love and made you feel good. A 25 minute sit-com that packed so much in so little time. The show was a cocktail of physical comedy, the slapstick stuff. The facial expressions were incredible. There were witty and smart deliveries of clever dialogue. It was a show from the late 70s and early 80s, so the few who may be offended by it should loosen up and have an open mind. And even with its taboo premise, with its behind the scenes internal conflicts, it was ahead of its time and was a top 5 show for a good 6 or 7 years. People love this show so much that there are a number of podcasts about it. A silly 80s sitcom has several podcasts and books about it. That’s how great it really is.

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