7 thoughts on “Maximum Carnage Continues as Morbius Joins Team Venom

  1. Also, what is going on with CBR lately, if you don’t mind me asking here? It seems like when I visit most of the images in your articles are broken, which is a tad frustrating given how your images are comics panels or pages that you’re commenting on.

  2. They’re definitely dealing with some broken image issues on older posts. They’re working on it. They’ve done a number of updates over the years while dealing with a HUGE database. It can cause some hiccups. One of the guys working on it actually took the time the other day to note to me that my older posts are actually doing BETTER in terms of images than most other older posts for some inexplicable reason (he initially reached out because he saw an old review I did for The Boys #1 and he was amazed that I had been on the site long enough to have done a review for that issue).

  3. I remember this was one of my first introductions to “long” crossovers. And to think, these days, 14 chapters across 4-5 ongoing titles for a couple of months would seem quaint now.

  4. Alex, I think part of the problem, as well, is the fact that crossover events like this have become so common. If Marvel only has one big crossover event in a year, that’s a surprise. It also doesn’t help that they keep giving events the same names as old events or repeating the same name with a number at the end.

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