8 thoughts on “Name a Song Where a Lyric You Misheard Changed the Meaning of the Song

  1. I always wondered why there were horses in the Hotel California. Years later I realized there were voices, not horses, down the corridor…

  2. For a long time I thought Billy Joel’s “Tell Her About It” was “Tell Her About Us”… that is, he was asking his male lover to come clean with his girlfriend about his bisexuality, and I thought it was remarkably progressive. Now granted, I rarely paid that close attention to the other lyrics, so there were certainly lines that just didn’t work with this interpretation (unless he was expecting the lover to just carry on a poly relationship with both of them)… like “She’s a real nice girl / And she’s always there for you / But a nice girl wouldn’t tell you what you should do” (if she really loves you she should just accept this part of you!)

  3. When I was little I thought the repeated chanting of “remember” in “Fame” was “Break my butt!” In my defense, the downbeat is on the third syllable, and “rememBER” is pretty awkward.

  4. The Romantics:

    “I hear the secrets that you keep/ when you’re talking to your sheep.” (Talking in Your Sleep)


    “You want to take her/ to a soup and salad bar.” (Suicide Blonde)

  5. Mine comes from Daryl Braithwaite’s The Horses. (A coverof Ricki Lee Jones’ song which appeared in Jerry Maguire) The lyric is “If you fall I’ll pick you up” I heard “If you fall, I’ll kick your ass” which completely changes things

  6. This morning on the radio, Mr. Mister told me to “Carry a laser down the road that I must travel…” (Kýrie eléison)

    Lord have mercy…

  7. White Wing Dove by Fleetwood Mac still sounds like One Wing Dove to me.
    My buddy Herb though We Are Family was Three Car Family – “that’s nice, they can afford 3 cars”
    AC/DC – Dirty Deeds & The Thunder Chief
    Yardbirds – Putty In Your Hands sounds like Party In Your Pants.
    My wife thought the Buzzcocks sang “Hallway In Your Head” not harmony.
    There’s tons!

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