5 thoughts on “How Chuck Cunningham Went From Missing on Happy Days to Retconned Out

  1. What a great clip! Howard referring to two children TWICE; the knowing wink to the audience for being “part of our family”; the pun on Happy Days. And, of course, perhaps the very first appearance of Ted McGinley — who would go on to become the walking Grim Reaper, the sign that a long-lasting sitcom’s best days were well behind it.

  2. The whole Chuck Cunningham situation reminds me of “Mandyville” from the West Wing fandom, used to make fun of characters written out of the show with no explanation and then never mentioned again like Mandy from season 1.

  3. Tom Bosley did make a joke about Chuck vanishing on one of the reunion/clip shows as they went to a commercial break.

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