3 thoughts on “The Goldbergs Made a Mistake By Killing Off Murray Goldberg

  1. I know the popular term is “jump the shark,” but I wonder if there is another term for shows that simply hang around so long that desperate things like this happen. The details differ but in nearly every TV show (especially sitcoms) where things run beyond 7-8 seasons, some kind of backstage shenanigans always seem to happen or some key member of the cast leaves (or dies, or both) at some awkward time, yet the show moves on in spite of itself instead of bowing gracefully. And I know that none of the other actors want to lose a good gig, even if it is just one more season. But conversely, shows that last too long beyond their prime have that drag effect their legacy, and if anything, do an actor avoiding being typecast no favors.

    I can’t think of too many shows (again, especially sitcoms) that ran past 8 seasons without some awkward stunt or recast or lost-cast happening or some drastic shift in the premise or so on. There are so many shows, even ones I adore, that simply lasted 1-2 seasons too long. “THAT 70’S SHOW” is also a case-in-point (along with, for some, “HAPPY DAYS”). I wonder if some of the bad blood between Ed O’Neill and Amanda Bearse bubbled over in some part because most of the cast of “MARRIED WITH CHILDREN” were tiring of the show by around season 8-9 (it lasted 11 seasons). Some shows can and have worked around sudden recasts (i.e. CHEERS), but usually that is not near the end of the run, and they’re in the minority.

    ABC seems to especially have this problem. They just won’t let go of ROSEANNE/THE CONNERS (which you could call “Roseanne Without Roseanne”), no matter what. And I wouldn’t be shocked if THE GOLDBERGS eked out an 11th season. It is kind of like sports teams being hesitant to fire a coach if there is nothing better (or at least as good) waiting in the wings. ABC likely has zero faith in any pilots to replace THE GOLDBERGS or THE CONNERS, so they hedge their bets and just stick to the familiar. CBS used to do that all the time.

    Heck, the creators of THE GOLDBERGS are co-writing a relaunch of the Damage Control comic and I wonder if that is a way of salvaging a pilot pitch that ABC passed on (after they allowed AGENTS OF SHIELD to last, surprise, 1-2 seasons longer than they should have).

  2. Yeah, it’s clearly a case where actors don’t want to give up their sweet gigs, so they keep going with shows that should never have gone on as long as they did. Late stages Happy Days and That 70s Show are BRUTAL to watch.

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