5 thoughts on “Quantum Leap Not Using the Iconic Theme Song Is a Bad Idea

  1. I am with you on this. I think many producers of both film and TV completely underestimate the lasting power of an iconic theme song. Sometimes it isn’t just about time; sometimes they may have to pay royalties for a theme or, heaven forbid, credit someone else (even someone who may have retired or died since). I doubt I have to tell you about how senior people in showbiz can be absolute immature babies about the most trivial, mundane stuff.

    Y’know which producers get it? The ones behind James Bond. No matter who is Bond, or who is M or Moneypenny, etc., even when they’re doing a reboot, y’know what you will always hear eventually? The James Bond theme.

    Even the absolutely terrible 1999 Disney movie version of “INSPECTOR GADGET” kept the ironic theme from the DIC cartoon, because even they knew they couldn’t improve on perfect. They just remixed it a little. It was the best part of the flick.

    But I have lost count of how many reboots or relaunches of various franchises ditched the memorable theme, whether on TV or film, and it is pretty lame. Especially since the new QUANTUM LEAP is actually a sequel, since it acknowledges the existence of the previous show. It makes even less sense to ditch the theme song in that context. I imagine part of it is that a show’s composer may feel they want to do “their” version of things, not simply remix a piece of music from someone else (unless it’s a master from the 17th century, then no composer has an ego problem about it). I find it ironic that there is so much focus on branding and capitalizing on nostalgia (otherwise why to a relaunch or a sequel to a show from over 25 years ago), yet they absolutely don’t get how music can be a simple, primal way to achieve both. Humans were linking sounds to memory before we could even speak or walk fully upright. It should be a no brainer.

  2. If nothing else, they could have the theme playing quietly under the intro while they explain the show’s concept.

  3. Obviously I agree. I tweeted the very same thing. The remake of Quantum Leap is very good but their refusal to use the titles, theme song and even the logo font is very odd. It’s a very fun show but these things make it seem like it’s more serious than a heart attack.

    I suspect it comes down to two things including the whole real estate issue of amount of time as you say Brian:

    1) it’s not an easy song to condense into 20-30 seconds like they did with Magnum and Hawaii Five-O.

    2) Music licensing is hugely expensive and Quantum Leap seems like a ridiculously expensive show. Better to spend the money on screen I suspect is the thinking.

    I must say even with these aspects I wish they would have used that sweet Mike Post theme.

  4. In contrast James Gunn said in an interview he put a lot of effort into the opening titles of Peacemaker so that people didn’t click ‘skip intro’ I feel the show needs all the elements to give it heart. There’s something very bland about the way the new series approaches giving us the feelings of being related to the original series.

  5. Completely agree. I was hopeful they would add it for the second episode but ..they didn’t.

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