2 thoughts on “The Blacklist Really Should Have Just Recast the Role of Elizabeth Keen

  1. I actually profoundly disagree with you Brian on this. I think the character of Liz Keen was a massive weak link in the show and had been a liability for several seasons. There are only so many times when Keen could suddenly oppose Reddington on information given to her by someone else, that she takes at face value, that Red turns out to be completely right about. By the final time– when Liz sided with the alleged Katarina Rostova– I was done with the character. The character had become obsessive and limited.

    Recasting the part only would have continued the problem. The fact that Megan Boone wanted to leave was not the issue– though I don’t think Megan Boone was stellar– the problem was the character had been mangled beyond belief by the writers’ need to make her oppose Reddington all the time. It was a writing problem and a producing problem.

    For what it’s worth, while I agree the show lost its purpose (and you see that in the finale, which was basically written for the seasons 9 and 10 version of the show), the fact is The Blacklist was 30 times more watchable without Liz Keen as a part of the show.

    Part of the problem was Liz’s presence always made the show about the central mystery, but the actual show people came to watch was a lurid procedural crime drama. When the show was at its best, it held those two elements in balance, but the latter half of Liz’s tenure, the mystery was more the thing, while I would argue the last two seasons it was the lurid procedural. And I know which one I prefer.

    I was fine with Liz being killed off. For me the most interesting parts of the show were with Dembe and Aram and Cooper and even Wressler, so more for them to do was a good thing. I would have been happier if they used the last half of season 10 to revisit the central mysteries a bit more, but it didn’t need a recast Liz to do that.

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