2 thoughts on “‘Shipbaiting,’ Like Ted Lasso’s Ted and Rebecca, Is a Bad Idea

  1. I’m going to disagree with you using “Ted Lasso” as an example for this, although I generally agree with your point.

    “Ted Lasso” did a great job of creating unique characters with developed storylines. Ted and Rebecca had parallel stories, and I didn’t find it unrealistic that they would occasionally look at each other and think “should we?”

    But the show was very clear that Ted wasn’t far enough along in his healing for a good relationship. He was a hesitant person in dating, and Rebecca was full of self doubt and anxiety. She’d already had a fling with an employee that she wasn’t able to handle, so of course she would be doubly hesitant about Ted.

    I feel like the times we saw that blurring of their professional boundaries were almost always when one of them was hit particularly hard emotionally, and wanted to feel loved. But the show (and the characters) were just smart enough to realize that it wasn’t a good idea.

  2. It isn’t a question of whether they SHOULD or shouldn’t have been a couple, but rather that they clearly wrote scenes suggesting a romantic relationship solely to tease the fans who wanted such a relationship, while there never was an intent for them to be a couple. That’s what I’m taking an issue with, not whether Ted and Rebecca should have actually been a couple.

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