2 thoughts on “There Is a Limit to How Much New Continuity You Can Pile On to Adaptations

  1. YES! I have struggled so much to articulate this concept. Adaptations by their nature require some modifications, but right now they come with an established audience and by extension, a lot of press coverage.

    I have to imagine a lot of great writers, directors, and producers feel like it is easier (and more profitable) to just put their own spin on a concept/character/series versus creating something from scratch that they wanted to do in the first place.

    I would love to see if this kind of stuff leads to a substantial spike in merchandise sales- are Barbies selling more? Are the Secret Invasion TPBs?

    Taking a risk on something new means a greater chance of failure and obscurity. Even if a property’s movie flops, the property still exists!

  2. Yeah, it’s also noticeable that the MCU is now creating a lot of original characters instead of adapting existing comics characters to fill similar roles. Why is the leader of the bad guy Skrulls in Secret Invasion Gravik instead of Veranke or an existing super-skrull like Paibok? Talos is an in-name only adaptation, but at least he was an existing comics character.

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