3 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is Not a Cynical Movie

  1. Amen to that, Brian. I still think TLJ is one of the best films of the whole saga, which outclasses not just the other two of the sequel trilogy, but a couple of prequels’ (we all know which ones).
    Yes, it’s probably not what you were expecting, but neither was TESB at the time, and yet.
    Of course it’s sad to see Luke so bitter and defeated, while we were all expecting to see him in blazes of glory, but please name a Jedi of his times who did not end up slaughtered, consumed by the dark side, hidden, grieving, gulity, regretful: he and Obi Wan at least were able to die (old and tired) heroically, only to give hope to the ones who remain. Only Ashoka and Rey might go a different road, but we still have to see if they are actually Jedi in the usual sense.
    After watching 9 movies i can tell the sense of the saga is exactly to narrate the end of the Jedi era, not the force, not hope, just the Jedi: discovering that a noble, millennial institution has finally become old and outdated.
    I think it is not by chance that the only main force driven character who never accepted to become a Jedi, Leia, is also the only one who *never* gave up hope up to the last moment of her life.

  2. I hate TLJ with passion.

    I’ve chatted with friends for all the reasons I hate TLJ.

    But I’ll agree that it isn’t cynical.

    But having Rey intuitively out duel Luke with a light saber? It completely goes against the 979 film where Luke needs to practice with a blast shield over his eyes to learn to use the light saber properly. It’s not a cynical movie, but a horrible “Mary Sue” movie.

  3. The movie has its cynical moments, like the speech from Del Toro’s character, but I will agree that the overall tone of the film was not.

    It wasn’t a good movie, but it had its moments. The scene where Luke explains the Force to Rey felt like it was dropped in by another director from a better movie, and the moment where Rose saved Finn was great. I kind of wish she’d had a larger part in the final movie of the installment because she was like one of two characters who were still likable after this movie.

    The way I described this trilogy of movies to a friend was that Abrams loves Star Wars but doesn’t understand how it works. Johnson understands how Star Wars works but doesn’t like it.

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