5 thoughts on “The American Music Awards Once Gave Out ‘Black’ Awards

  1. Watching the “we are the world” documentary on 2/2/24 and I am like when the heck did award shows have categories based on race!!!!! Had to come hunting on google. Thanks for the insight!

  2. I had to Google this one. AMA was out of hand for this one. Before my time but watching the Documentary, I was I was wow…thee audacity.

  3. ha! i was watching WAtW doc too alongside my niece of 24 walking her through the times and the artisits and the explosion of this song and then was HORRIFIED to see the Black categories at AMAs and not remember that was a thing. Makes more sense i missed it if it was a one year mistake, but wow, what a poor poor solution to the bias that still pervades awards shows whether re race/genre attribution or arbitrary gender-based categories

  4. Watching the We are the world documentary and I was dumbfounded lol glad they changed THAT up boy I tell ya

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