5 thoughts on “The Goodbye Girl Finally Has a Goodbye That She Can Handle

  1. Shame we never got the sequel, as it was actually written first. It was called “Bogart Slept Here”, about a successful actor. Eventually somebody got the idea to do a movie about how he got there.

  2. I did an Internet walkabout after posting my last comment. The problem with “Bogart” was that they liked the characters more than the story, and wrote a different story.
    And it was a few years ago that I read Dreyfuss based his performance on his friend Harlan Ellison. Thinking back on Eliot’s rules for sharing the apartment with Paula, it sounds like something Harlan would say.

  3. That’s almost literally how Ender’s Game came about (a prologue for another book that became its own book).

    As for the Ellison thing, looking into it, it sounds like Dreyfuss WAS specifically talking about the rules about sharing the apartment, as those were what he recalled Ellison telling him when they roomed together. Too funny.

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