5 thoughts on “What Was the Best Crossover Between Two TV Series?

  1. I like the subtlety of the Wire’s crossover with Homicide/Law & Order.

    Or the X-Files/Homicide.

  2. The doctors of St Eligius dropping by Cheers! one evening forever trapped almost every TV show in the dreams of an autistic child. That’s the most influential crossover to me!

  3. I’d say that crossovers on Angel with Buffy the Vampire Slayer had two very good ones, and they’re both crossovers without Buffy. The first was in the very first season “In the Dark,” where Oz drops off a ring that makes vampires invincible. The last season has “Damage,” where Andrew assists Angel and Spike in apprehending a crazy Slayer.

    I think these worked best without Buffy because it allowed Angel to truly move on and be his own character (though other episodes undercut this, unfortunately), and they worked humor into a dramatic story without being pure comedy.

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