7 thoughts on “What Was the Best True Clip Show TV Episode?

  1. Does “The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular” count? If so, I choose that. If not I choose the series finales of “Leave It To Beaver” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show.”

  2. I dont know if it really qualifies, but Family Guy’s “Back to the Pilot” was a very clever riff on “Back to the Future”. It showed the original animation style with the more polished, modern style. and showed scenes from a different perspective and the same view.

  3. Far Out Space Nuts’ final episode, “Destination Earth,” has Junior and Barney trying to travel back in time to prevent themselves from accidentally launching themselves into space, and end up reliving scenes from past episodes along the way.

  4. I rather liked the clip show episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journies, with the framing sequence of the various supporting actors from the show playing the production staff of the show itself. (I may not like much of anything Alex Kurtzman has done since Hercules and Xena ended, but he did get to be played by Ted Raimi, so I just can’t dislike him. Is that weird?)

  5. The series finale of Boy Meets World was a greatest hits of old clips showing how much the characters had grown throughout the series and how much they all meant to each other. Other series finales also use a lot of clips, but Boy Meets World is the one that made me the most emotional when watching

  6. FRASIER had a few interesting ones, with “Daphne Returns” likely being the best. They show clips from prior episodes with the set up as it being a therapy session between Niles and Frasier where they do commentary on the memories.

    GARGOYLES had an interesting one in “Vendettas,” where clips of a random background character are spliced together to reveal the fate of Vinnie Grigori, a dude who happened to be in the background of many Gargoyles episodes who has decided to get revenge since he thinks he’s suffered deliberate ills.

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