8 thoughts on “What Was the Strangest Case of an Actor Getting Demoted From a Regular?

  1. I know Ernie replaced on son. Were all three sons replaced by the end?

    Chip wasn’t replaced, per se, he was just rarely recurring. The two original oldest sons had both left the show by the final season, though.

  2. As much as I followed My Three Sons since its inception, I’m embarrassed to admit that I never really noticed Chip’s marginalisation in that last season. At least, not as something intended.

    Even with Don (Robbie) Grady’s departure after the previous season, the show still had plenty of characters around whom to construct episode plots: Steve, Barbara, Dodie, Uncle Charlie, Ernie, Chip, Polly, and Katie. I probably figured that the show just hadn’t gotten around to Chip that much in that season.

    And even the devout fans of the show knew it was creaking on its last legs by season twelve. The show was long past its original format of a household of only males. (The early years were the best years, and I did resent the departure from the format with the various marriages [Katie, Barbara, Polly], and the introduction of step-daughter [ugh!] Dodie. But, then I realised the show had to evolve—you couldn’t have a sixty-five-year-old Steve with forty-something sons all sitting around saying, “Boy, are we gonna catch it when Dad gets home!)

    Even so, while the series evolved reasonably and logically, with the sons’ and the father’s marriages, the new status quo never quite seemed to equal the original format in holding interest. That’s probably why I wasn’t paying that much attention to the final season.

  3. The West Wing with interest in the show dropping after Sorkin left and the show splitting into two separate storylines (the election and the ongoing story of the administration) meant an increase in cast, mostly for the election episodes, but also in the administration episodes. This lead to Charlie (Dule Hill) and Toby (Richard Schiff) having reduced roles to despite the fact that the administration episodes was lacking characters. May not count as Dule saw the writing on the wall and did the Psyche pilot and agreed to do 6 episodes and Richard still did his minimum contracted episodes (11). Mandy, a main character in Season 1 disappeared without mention after series 1, not even appearing or being mentioned afterwards in episodes to the campaign she’d been part of. I think that’s described as mutual, but it’s clear she was being written less and less as season 1 progressed.

    Conversely, it seems the makers of Good Omens liked at least 4 of the Series 1 actors so much that they just recast them. [Series 2 had a much reduced focus than series 1, so a lot of characters just disappeared as their stories had been told.]

  4. As I understand it, virtually all but the titular characters of Bob Hearts Abishola have been demoted to feature characters with appearances on only some episodes. Until then, they would give each character a storyline in every episode (kinda impressive, considering it’s a 22-minute sitcom).

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