2 thoughts on “What Was the Worst Way an Actor Was Written Out of a TV Show to Film a Movie?

  1. It may not be the worst, but “THAT 70’s SHOW” was done no favors when two of their stars, Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher, became movie stars and ditched the show after season 7 (though the show was dragging by then). Grace just ditched season 8 entirely (beyond for an uncredited cameo in the series finale), though Kutcher stuck around for the first 4 episodes of the season to ease his character out of it (which about 15% of the season anyway). Until that point, the show was trying loosely to have his character, Michael Kelso, grow up slightly by assuming responsibility for siring a kid with a one night stand, and becoming a bumbling local cop (which is a perfectly reasonable job for an athletic doofus in a small town).
    Then in season 8 he ditches all that to go work for the Playboy Mansion. It just seemed like a wish fulfilment exercise. They may as well had him win the lottery (though that plot point did ROSEANNE no favors).
    I know that technically Kutcher was a “reoccurring guest star” in the 8th season, but he still appeared in 5 episodes out of 22, which was, again, almost 20% of the season. It felt like the show was willing to allow him to do both if he was willing to play ball (unlike Grace, who left without much, well, grace).

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