3 thoughts on “What’s a Non-Scary Moment in a Film or TV Show That Scared You as a Little Kid?

  1. I was so deathly afraid of Pinocchio that when my first grade class watched “I’m No Fool”, an innocuous safety film strip with Jiminy Cricket, I screamed in terror. My teacher comforted me by telling me that when she was my age, she was afraid of Casper. I laughed, and I believed that cured my Pinocciophobia.

  2. the main thing that comes to my mind is the Doctor Who opening titles/theme music in the early 1970s (Jon Pertwee era) – I’m not certain if it was meant to be scary but I was one of the many kids hiding behind the sofa when the music played

  3. I was dead scared by pie fights in old silent movies, especially the aftermath, when the target were cleaning up their eyes and staring at the camera.

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